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“He recreated our first date… we had pizza, frozen yogurt, and then a walk on the beach, where our first kiss took place. Originally, the plan was for his brother to wrap a lifeguard chair in Christmas lights, where he would propose–but there was a bit of a snafu: his brother brought over the wrong battery-powered generator, and couldn’t plug in the lights. It’s funny to look back at it, but he was definitely stressed about it that evening. He followed through with the proposal anyway–and we shared a moment of excitement in the dark on the beach, lol. Even though it wasn’t the most perfect and theatrical moment, it was nice because it was us, under the stars, and being together.”

Early on in the wedding planning process Alexis and Brandon were able to experience that things will not always work out as planned. Alexis and Brandon both live in the Sunny state of Georgia. Brandon, 27, is the Southeast Operational Manager for Operation Christmas Child. Alexis, 24, is a Custom Designer for Shaw Industries. Rewind a few years back to a much less sunny, much more swampy borough of New York, Staten Island.

11902381_10204878364185374_9202657265084846582_nBrandon and Alexis met at Oasis Christian Center while Alexis was on tour with Holy Hands Ministries. “I (Brandon) had just moved from Florida to New York to start working as a youth pastor of a church there. She was working with an organization that did outreaches in major cities of the Northeast–and the organization worked closely with my church. We actually met the first week I was in New York, because they were staying at the church next to my office. At that time we both had a weird suspicion we would end up together–but we both weren’t really interested in each other at the time.”

Sometimes our souls have a funny way of telling us who we will end up with, even if you don’t really know it yet. Obviously, Alexis and Brandon’s attraction did grow, and as they walked through the path of dating they realized a lot about each other. Although at times it wasn’t an easy road, Alexis and Brandon’s trials and tribulations resulted with them on the beach, in the dark, with a ring on her hand, promising that they would work through life together as partners. ​

“Make sure that you have time to laugh and be silly together–life is already too serious, so don’t take yourselves too seriously.” –Brandon and Alexis Ward


We are honored to have Alexis and Brandon as our first #spotlightsaturday couple! CampbellEvents will be continuing to follow Brandon and Alexis’s marriage journey. Check in this Sautrday, September 12, to read about their journey to the altar.

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