#SpotlightSaturday Preview – Andrew + Katja

February 2013 (2)

“We met freshman year of high school (2005). I had gone to Enosburg school since Kindergarten, and Andrew had just started there since Sheldon (where he went to elementary school) doesn’t have a high school. We had English together, and maybe other classes too. We dated briefly in high school and then just remained friends for a while. When we graduated high school in 2009 we both went to UVM and we’d see each other every once in a while. Finally in 2012, just before our senior year at UVM, we started dating again and have been together ever since.”

Andrew, 23, and Katja, 24, were “almost” high school sweethearts. As we all have experienced at one time or another, sometimes it is hard to see what is staring us right in the face. Although Andrew and Katja were not dating, all throughout they cherished that in between time to really get to know each other as friends. After getting together in college, Andrew and Katja decided to take their relationship to the next level.

December 2013“I (Katja) had gone to my grandma’s on Long Island for Thanksgiving 2013, and Andrew had stayed in VT with his family. When I got back to our apartment all the lights were off except for some white Christmas lights on a miniature Christmas tree, which Andrew had bought and set up for me. I’d been bugging him about getting a Christmas tree earlier but he’d pretended we weren’t getting one because Christmas always overshadows his 12/23 Birthday. Andrew met me at the door, got down on one knee, and proposed by the light of the tree.”

Playing Rampage June 2013Anyone who knows Andrew and Katja, knows that they love the outdoors, fellowship, and most of all… boardgames. With one of the most impressive and obscure board game collections in New England, they are known as the couple to invite over for game night. Be sure to check in next week to see how they used their passion for boardgames as a reflection of their relationship in their wedding!

December 2012

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