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While all of you were out shopping on Black Friday, my family and I were setting up a Gilmore Smorgasbord at 3 in the morning! That’s right, the premiere that we have been waiting a decade for came out last night and we were all over that. While I won’t reveal any spoilers, I’ll reminisce by going through some of the amazing, junk food and stunt filled parties premiered on the originals and how to host your own epic Gilmore Inspired Party.

  1. Don’t use the Letter E

886da781d7b70846ad3a6efd95ddf0aa-1.jpgIn season 5 of Gilmore Girls, Rory gets swooped away, blind folded, and brought to a secret soiree in the woods. She initially learned of the group by following a woman in a Gorilla Mask screaming the phrase ‘In Omnia Paratus’… from there the rest is History. Watch Season 5, Episode 7 to see the elaborate set ups, stunning stunt, and plan your Life and Death Party.

2. Raid the Cosmetics Store

We can all agree that the addition of April was pretty much the biggest buzz kill of season 6 right? But Lorelai goes beyond above and beyond by whipping together an amazing pre-teen party in season 6, Episode 20. After Luke bombs the birthday party, Lorelai gets the girls in order and has the raid the near by cosmetic store. After that, they get to bring the attendants back to the Diner with them to continue make overs. How cool is that?! So find some lip smackers and you can be a super cool party person too.


3. Play 21 when you are turning 21

The Gilmore Girls had a pretty genius plan for Rory’s 21st. As we all know now, this had to be done on a do over and Rory ended up with a sushi filled pink drink 21st Birthday party. 2016-08-18-gilmore-girls01.jpgHey, at least they had chocolate boxes, which bring me to my next point…

4. Find some amazing chocolate boxes

These chocolate Boxes get brought up on several occasions, the Christmas party from season 1, Rory’s Birthday Party, and the Vow Renewal. These Boxes are a staple to Emily Gilmore’s party plans, and talk of them always leaves me always wanting a morsel.

5. Pick a Random Year and go for it… 

J Lo, Nelly, Usher, 40 Days and 40 Nights, Kim Possible… Yup thats right, it’s 2002! Now even though the whole Marty/Lucy/Olivia Drama was wack, this party idea was an awesome idea that came from that trio. In Season 7, Episode 9 the girls crew turns up “Hot In Here” and rocks a year that may not have gotten as much attention, because “Why not?!”

header__span.jpg6. Dance the Night Away

…Literally, the town hosts an annual Dance Marathon (it’s “annual” but how come we never see it again?) in Season 3, Episode 7. The event is to raise money for the town, and it apparently happens every year. The girls know exactly when people will get into a fight, who will drop out when, what stories taylor will tell, and what Kirk will do when he wins. This episode definitely goes down in the books as one of the greatest episodes ever, and is a game changer because of Dean finally having enough of Rory and Jess.

7. Learn To Roll SushiUnknown-2.jpeg

When Rory can’t go to Asia with Logan, Lorelai throws a picker upper party and transforms their living room into an asian wonderland. This includes Jackie Chan movies, a giant dragon, kimonos, the works… Sookie even teaches Lorelai to make wacky sushi rolls. Unfortunately, they get into a pretty crazy fight mid way through, but hey at least now she knows how to roll sushi?

8. The Bracebridge Dinnerthe-bracebridge-dinner.jpg.png

I wish I had the opportunity to transform my workplace into an amazing party for all of my friends. Because the regular Bracebridge Dinner Folk get snowed in, Lorelai invites the whole town in for an Era Specific dinner, complete with actors and amazing food by chef sookie. Paris, of course, notices the period inconsistencies, but if she didn’t she wouldn’t be our Paris.

6bf699858305d33ececa6ec8344ef966.jpgThis list could go on and on. There are so many amazing parties in this series. Who could forget the Felon Party, the Knit-A-Thon, the London Extravaganza, the Deviled Egg Filled green balloon baby Shower, the Lord of the Rings Party, The twin wedding, Logan’s million parties with-in a party, the bed rest baby shower, the fan dance at the coming out party, the Renaissance Wedding, Emily’s forced Bachelorette Party, The Quentin Tarantino Bash, The Epic House Party, The Giant Pizza party, Rory’s 2 Sweet Sixteens, the Vow Renewal, Zack and Lane’s Double wedding, the Bachelorette Party, and of course Luke’s final Bon Voyage. Now, we all would have loved to see Lorelai’s June 3rd Carousel Themed wedding, but who knows, maybe we will see it in the revival? So grab your Martini’s, Candy, Twinkies, Pop Tarts, Al’s Pancake Chineese Food, Pizza Poppers (and of Course Coffee) and enjoy Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.



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