9 Reasons to Hire a Planner

unknown-4“Do I really need and planner?” “What do planners do?” “Can’t I plan my own Wedding?”

I hear these questions all the time. I often have newly engaged couples at my table during trade shows with these same exact thoughts. Is it truly worth the investment?

The Wedding world can be complicated for newly engaged couples, and it is best to have someone there to walk you through it, or at minimal, someone to watch over things the day of the wedding. Here are just a few of the many reasons hiring a planner will make your engagement easier.

1. We have been there already… Literally

So you get that ring on your finger, start breaking out the excel sheets, and start googling venues. You type in “Rustic Brooklyn Wedding”. Next thing you know you are 20 websites in and still haven’t found something that matches your vision. Planners typically have already worked in the local venues, met with the owners, and know exactly which venue would fit your vision best. Because we have typically worked there before, we know the best way to light it, what kind of decorations work (or don’t), the best floorplan to design, and the quirks of each place. We also know the owners (or at least know their reputation) so that we can field any issues before you even book.

2. We have a network

One of my favorite parts about working in the Wedding Industry, is the strong sense of community that other wedding vendors have. Rising Tide Society penned the phrase #communityovercompetition, and that embodies the spirit of the industry. Most planners have a network of about 20 other planners that can give recommendations, last minute assistance, and advise on venues or vendors that we haven’t worked with ourselves. When you hire one planner you are really tapping into their whole network.

3. Your Auntie/Cousin/Friend really isn’t your planner

Your guests and family are there to love and support you. If they want to donate their time helping you make an amazing guest book, giving you a family heirloom, or helping you call up those late RSVPs than that is AMAZING! But they probably don’t have the experience to be your planner or even your Day of Coordinator. They should be there to help you or hold your hand, but dumping an entire wedding on someone who has never worked in the industry really isn’t a fair situation for anyone.

4. We can save you money

Planners are experts at finding deals, knowing the deals that are going around, or finding discounts. We are amazing barterers and can be sure that you aren’t getting ripped off.

5. Timelines

When you have made a timeline over and over again, you start to understand what works and what doesn’t. We can help you with your flow so that everyone gets to speak, eat, and still get an amazing dance party. Let us do our thing and get that party flow on.

6. We can see your Vision

Planners and Designers spend a large bulk of time researching trends, styles, and ideas. We love planning styled shoots and creating on our own time. Most planners have done many different styles of weddings. When planning a wedding we want to make it Uniquely YOU. Our visions can be brought out on our own time through side projects, editorials, or styled shoots, because when we are planning your wedding we want it to reflect the couple. We get energy from watching you see your dreams come to life. It is one of my favorite parts of planning!

7. You need someone fighting for you

When I was buying a house, I started looking around without a Realtor. After going to several showings, I quickly realized that we really needed someone that was fighting for our best interest. I knew nothing about buying a house and the realtors selling the houses that we were looking at were just trying to sell a house. They were fighting for their client’s best interest not ours. Chances are, this is your first time navigating the Wedding World.  The wedding industry is a sales oriented field. You will have people trying to sell you everything from personalized hangers to personalized tissue packets. You need someone to be sure you are getting the best deal, and prioritizing your funding correctly.

8. Your venue manager isn’t necessarily your planner

Venue Managers are great, and make my life much easier, but they aren’t necessarily your planner. Although they may volunteer to help you with some aspects of your day, they are there to be sure that their team is aligned and their ducks are in a row. They are salespeople as well, and need to be sure that your wedding is making enough money for their establishment. Sure, they may volunteer to assist you in lining up your Bridal Party but they won’t be able to give you the same personalized experience that a planner will.

9. Your Wedding Day should be enjoyed

I say this A LOT, but it is only because it is true. At the end of the day it won’t matter if you have 5 courses or 1, baby breath or succulents, or the most bomb dance party. What will matter is that you and your new partner are enjoying the first day of your new adventure. As corny as it sounds, your guests are going to be focusing on celebrating you. They will notice how you are interacting with each other and will feed off of your excitement. If you have to handle all of the “Day Of”details yourself, you won’t be able to truly enjoy the day the same way that you could if someone else were to be there running around for you.





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