A Royal Recap


Who else woke up at 5am to watch the wedding of the century?! Meeeee! I sure did. My husband and I poured champagne, bought some “Wedding Cake” Cupcakes, and hunkered down to watch the festivities in our pajamas.

screen shot 2018-05-19 at 105528 am.png.jpegI don’t even know where to begin! The minimalistic bouquets, the fancy fascinators, the little bridal party, the photobombing paige boys, the modern dress?? Where do we start? Although there are so many other articles out by now I am going to share a few fun facts and some of my favorite moments.

That Flower Arch. I could not get enough of that flower arch donning the entrance of Windsor Castle. The arch was filled with all of the grandeur that you would expect with a subtle nod to Princess Diana. It is reported that white roses were one of Princess Diana’s signature flowers. Another nod to Princess Diana was incorporated via Forget me not’s picked by the one and only Prince Harry. Prince Harry reportedly hand picked the flowers and had them incorporated into the bouquet Friday Evening. Future couples can we please make this a trend? This is adorable!

Incorporating and Breaking traditions sounds like an oxymoron, but both were true in this morning’s wedding. Not only were they pronounced as Husband and Wife instead of Man and Wife, but Meghan essentially gave herself away by walking alone. They also incorporated a sermon on love and civil rights by Bishop Michael Curry and the Kingdom Choir singing stand by me.


We loved Meghan’s nod to modern fashion with her sleek and simple dress design. This was wonderfully accented by her simple bouquet. Honestly, my prediction was wrong, but I love the statement that the simplicity makes. The 16ft veil is a show stopping fashion statement, but the veil also has some hidden meaning. It is reported that the veil is embellished with hand embroidered flowers from each of the counties of the commonwealth. They also incorporated crops of wheat signifying love and charity, two of the values that Meghan and Harry have built their lives around.

Meghan chose the Queen Mary Tiara embellished with 10 diamonds that had initially meghan-markle-wedding-veil-3-1526737122.jpgbeen given to Queen Mary herself. This tiara was made in 1932 and gifted to Queen Mary for her wedding to Prince George. We are expecting to see some similar styles impact wedding headpieces in the upcoming year.

I cannot wait to see how the Royal Wedding inspires couples this wedding season. Meghan and Harry did an incredible job including and highlighting their Diversity. There were many instances that broke away from Royal tradition. It is reported that Prince Harry will be wearing a wedding ring which is something that is un heard of in the Royal World. The New Duchess of Sussex is already making strides and making waves in the name of diversity and feminism in the Royal Family. Now pardon me while I don my fascinator and head out for the evening!




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