Wedding Crashers 2019

We are going to be participating in Wedding Crashers once again for their 10th anniversary! We have specialty tickets for our couples and 10% off for our loyal readers. Please email us for more information and check out Wedding Crashers here. In the meantime, Let’s take a look back at the past few Wedding Crashers that we have participated in.


Last year we had the honor of sharing our table with Once Upon a Vow. Once Upon a Vow is made up of two incredible officiants that know how to tell your love story in a way that truly showcases your relationship. We were a year ahead of the times, and went with a coral theme (coral is Pantones color of the year for 2019).


In 2017 we had the honor of sharing tables with the always amazing Wyld floral studios! Lydia has a way of crafting masterpieces out of florals and creating enchanted deigns for everyone’s taste. These days she has been teaming up with Lilly from Mimosa floral, and they will be rocking out the Mimosa booth this year! Back in 2017 we went with a secret garden style theme, set off by moody colors and geographic shapes.


This was our first year at Wedding Crashers! This was also the last time we ran solo. In 2016 we went with a rustic tea theme, with vintage tea pots, scattered loose leaf tea, and oodles of greens.

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