Our Inspiration


I entered the backyard on that warm summer day. Looking around, I saw some mason jars with babies breath, a few wild flowers, rustic table runners, and a small wheelbarrow full of beer. There was family bustling around, Dad drinking beer and making jokes on the porch, and a breeze blowing by that consistently knocked over every DIY mason jar. At first glance there was nothing remarkable about this wedding. As I took my seat and watched the ceremony, tears filled my eyes.

The groom locked eyes with the Bride on her way down the aisle, sharing a secret stare radiating between them. The pastor walked through the ceremony, sharing with the audience of the covenant these two were fulfilling. He spoke of the details of the relationship, explaining how a lifetime friendship became something more. He encouraged the audience to take 20 seconds and look at the couple, remembering how far everyone had seen them come. Then they looked into each others eyes and each shed a tear, as they thought about how far they had come. Then the vows came, where she disclosed that she had been dreaming of marrying this man since she was 13. He then disclosed that he was an idiot for not noticing sooner. As wedding party paraded down the aisle, I shed another tear.

This is what a wedding should be all about. The beauty from this ceremony radiated throughout the entire event, making this one of the most beautiful ceremonies I was able to be a part of. Unfortunately, the wedding industry has put an emphasis on location, decorations, and expensive dresses. Although, event design and lavish menus are a passion of ours we vow to you that we will never let you go over your budget. We vow that we will always and forever find ways to make your wedding dreams come true while focusing on your upcoming marriage.

Today we would like to make a toast. Heres to marriages! Here’s to weddings that reflect your upcoming relationship. Here’s to family and friends coming together to support these two even in their darkest hour! Cheers!