To “Kid” or not to “Kid”?

I read an excellent article today, by Vermont’s Seven Days, bringing up wedding hot topic, Should we invitIMG_6808e children to our wedding? From a mothers perspective I understand the conundrum, because from a Wedding Planner perspective I always err toward the side of caution. Quite frankly, the answer truly depends on your personality, family dynamics, and style of wedding. I always recommend having a flower girl and a ring bearer if you have a close family friend that happens to be under 7 (that age is totally arbitrary, don’t hold me to it) or a pint sized relative.

But what about the other children?
I have been through weddings where children cried throughout the ceremony, stuck their fingers in the cake, and many other horror stories that I can share in another post on another day. On the other hand I have seen flower girls with their dreams come true to be a princess for a day, ring bearers as actual bears, 2 year olds ripping it up on the d
ance floor,
and mini readers that 1234099_10151867354370917_2075576361_nmade up their lines because they forgot them. Each of those elements truly added an unforgettable aspect to the wedding (not to mention fabulous photos!)

I once worked a wedding which hosted an entire circus and pizza bar for the kids down stairs. I have seen decked out kids tables complete with coloring mats, stickers, slinkies, and gold fish!

Truly the decision is up to you, but what do you think? To Kid or not to Kid?



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