Nautical Baby Shower

I had mentioned back in February that I had a few personal events going on in the “off season”. This past March,  I was asked to help with an amazing baby shower put on by my Aunt and Cousin for out newest little family member! This decked out shower quite literally pulled out all the stops. Here were a few of my favorite things from this shower.

The Candy Bar

I will say that I am slightly biased since I set it up, but this candy bar was just as delicious as its was gorgeous. Rather than going with the specialty dyed candy for this buffet, my aunt chose some of the more traditional candies in pastels and pinks. We filled the apothecary jars with jelly beans, m&ms, and mints rather than those hard gum balls.



Sick of clipping Clothes Pins to your shirt all shower long in hopes of remembering to not say “baby”? I am too. That is why I was so pleased when we passed out these little ice babies as an intro game. When your ice cube gives “birth” you screech “MY WATER BROKE!” as loud as you can (you know, because you need rushed to the hospital and all that jazz).


The Customized ABC book

After the few Bingo winners claimed their prize we moved onto another activity. A customized ABC book! Everyone received a letter and drew a picture to correlate to the letter. You could write whatever word you wanted (remember this is for an infant and all). Really, you could. I wrote Utopia for “U”. It was such an adorable idea that is very unique to the guests at your party. After the shower, you collect the pages, and either bind them or send them to a book production company.


Photo by: Little Turkey Blog

The Subtle Nautical Theme

Crates. Burlap. Herons. Reeds. Anchors. You name it, this party probably incorporated it, but it wasn’t as if the room was obnoxiously screaming NAUTIC! The subtle additions such as a sailor’s dress or a “Poppy’s first mate” onesie really wrapped together the Theme.


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